Wild Game Recipes: Venison Tenderloin Fondue

Wild Game Recipes: Venison Tenderloin Fondue

Both venison tenderloin and venison backstrap are tender cuts of meat. I strongly recommend that you do not grind these cuts up into hamburger or sausage, or bread or season them into unrecognizable hunks of meat. I have served these cuts with minimal seasoning to people who have never tried venison, and to people who do not like venison, and I have never had anyone complain!

Venison tenderloin fondue (or venison backstrap fondue) is one of several recipes I have for these coveted cuts of meat. The recipe is quite simple, if you have a fondue pot.


  • Oil for the fondue pot (I use canola oil, one can also use peanut oil, vegetable oil, grape seed oil, or clarified butter)
  • Venison tenderloin, or venison back strap
  • Optional sauces or seasonings for dipping cooked venison in (I’m a big fan of asian sauces, such as orange sauce. Steak sauces, such as A1 or Heinz are also good, and some like to dip it in ketchup)

There are two steps:

1) heat up oil in the fondue pot

2) cook the meat

I leave a small chunk of meat in the hot oil for at least a minute. The oil should be hot enough that the meat sizzles loudly while it’s cooking. Heating the meat this way does not leave a strong gamey taste at all, although it is my opinion that these meat cuts do not have a strong game taste to begin with. The cooked meat is tender, juicy, and mild-tasting when cooked on its own with no seasoning. Flavor it to your liking! Enjoy.

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