Orion the Hunter Constellation

Orion the Hunter Constellation
Orion the hunter constellation

Orion the Hunter

Constellation name: Orion (The Hunter)
Appearance:  Man holding a bow: look for the telltale three stars in a line that form Orion’s belt
Major stars included: Rigel serves as Orion’s left foot; Betelgeuse and Bellatrix are fairly bright stars that form Orion’s shoulders
When/where found:  Orion is found in the southern skies during the winter months.
Lore:  There are many contrasting stories about Orion, but there is one main common thread: he was a great hunter.  He was very arrogant about his hunting abilities, and one day bragged that he could kill any animal in the world.  In response to this outrageous statement, a large scorpion eventually stung him and killed him.  A conflicting story says that Orion wished to marry Diana.  Her brother did not want her to marry Orion, and one day tricked her into shooting him with her bow and arrow.  Diana was devastated when she discovered what she had done, and placed Orion among the stars.

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