MSR Dragonfly Camp Stove Review

MSR Dragonfly Camp Stove Review

MSR Dragonfly Camp Stove


As with many camp stoves, the MSR Dragonfly is designed to be easily portable. Although this stove is fairly lightweight, it can still heat up water or food nearly as well as a regular kitchen stove. One of its most notable features of the MSR Dragonfly is that it safely holds most of the camping pots that are designed for hiking or backpacking (“up to 9″ maximum diameter,” according to MSR). This stove separates itself from the rest with its simmer feature and its stability. Setup is not too difficult; it comes with simple directions. Just unfold the stove, connect the tank, light and turn it on. The small explosion when first lit may spook some, but it doesn’t take long to get used to it.

This is a rather loud stove, but it does give one the sense that it is giving all it has to heat your food or water. Perhaps it even MSR Dragonfly Camp Stove Blue Flamelessens the curiosity of creatures that happen across the scent of your food! This stove also has a wonderful feature that allows you to heat your food anywhere from a light simmer to a rolling boil. Some of the cheaper stoves do not have this feature, and it definitely allows one to cook a wider variety of meals. A nice feature of the MSR Dragonfly is that it burns multiple fuel types (white gas, kerosene, unleaded auto fuel, diesel, and jet fuel). This may come in handy if you find yourself out of your regular fuel type. I recommend white gas for its cleanliness; other fuels have been known to clog the stove.


MSR Dragonfly Camp Stove in ActionThis stove is somewhat pricey, but high quality and quite durable. It is made mostly of metal and all of the folding parts are stable. Even with a little rough use this stove should keep on heating up your dish. However, I would recommend picking up the spare parts kit that has all the general parts that do wear out over time, such as bushings. MSR makes a nice little package for most of their stoves that are not too much money and they will definitely pay for themselves if you end up needing it in the middle of the woods. Overall, I wouldn’t worry about breaking this stove unless you run it over with a car or drop it off a cliff.


Camp stoves in general are very practical for the backpacker or hiker. The Dragonfly seems to give you all the benefits of a kitchen stove in a fairly small package, folding up to about 1/3 its working size. It does all that one can ask for in a small backpacking stove and then some. I would recommend this stove if you plan on spending a significant amount of time in the wilderness.

What’s in the Package

Stove, small pack of tools, manual, carrying case, wind and heat shields and the pump (gas tank not included)

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MSR DragonFly Stove One Color, One Size MSR DragonFly Stove One Color, One Size

Simmer a temperamental sauce over a small flame or quickly melt snow over the torch-like setting on MSR’s DragonFly Stove. This compact, liquid-fuel stove covers all your camping stove needs. MSR’s dual-valve design provides a wide range of flame control. The DragonFly Stove supports larger pots or frying pans for any gourmet cooking you attempt on car-camping trips or overnight backpacking adventures. The DragonFly Stove runs on a variety of fuels, as well, which enables you to slay the hunger dragons quickly. Fold this camping stove into a two-liter MSR pot for easy, safe storage. *Fuel sold separately.

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