MSR Blacklite Gourmet Cookset Review

MSR Blacklite Gourmet Cookset Review

MSR Blacklight CooksetHandy features:

  1. The Panhandler™; a helpful gripper that serves each pot and pan and makes for easy storage
  2. Each pot and pan fits neatly into each other for minimal storage space
  3. This set is very lightweight and does not weigh down your pack
  4. The pack towels that come with the set are amazing, they’re like the ShamWow towels.  We use one for washing the dishes and the other for soaking up all the moisture afterward so we can pack the set away soon after use.
  5. The grooved bottoms of the pots and pans help prevent them from slipping off your camp stove

The handle on the lid flips down for easy storage, and stays up while in use.


A large drawback that we have noticed is that the nonstick coating flakes off the pots and pans fairly easily.  After we used this set for a few solid weeks there were a significant amount of scrapes. We were not able to use this set after owning it for a couple of years.


  • Make sure to only use plastic or wooden utensils to prevent flakingMSR Blacklite camp pot handle
  • Allow the pack towels to dry thoroughly before repacking to prevent mold (this is fairly obvious, but an easy mistake to make if you’re in a rush)
  • Keep the pot/pan gripper in it’s handy cloth pouch while in storage to prevent flaking of the pots and pans
  • MSR makes handy fold-up utensils such as serving spoons and spatulas that fit inside the set

Overall Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

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