d.light S10 Solar LED Lantern Review

d.light S10 Solar LED Lantern Review

This d.light S10 Solar LED lantern provides a lightweight, renewable source of light. The solar panel charges easily in the sunlight, making it a great item to take camping, or to have in case of a power outage.

d.light S10 solar LED lantern
d.light S10 Solar LED Lantern

Solar powered lanterns are a great alternative to kerosene or propane. I have a propane powered lantern as well, but I prefer the renewable option of solar power, and this lantern is much more lightweight. It is not as bright as the propane lamp on high, so if you are looking for a lantern to light up a whole outdoor area this will not do it. However, it lights up a tent or a table area just fine and has two brightness settings.

After a good charge it lasts a full night on the low setting (around 8 hours). I’m quite the fan of solar powered lanterns in general, due to the fact of not having to deal with changing batteries and carrying spare ones with.

It’s quite light without the weight of batteries and can easily be hung in the center of a tent. The handle of the lantern makes it convenient to hang.

It’s simple enough to charge – set it in some sunlight. It will also charge if cloudy. It has a small LED that lights up when it’s charging so you don’t feel like your efforts are in vain. If you do have access to electricity, this d.light S10 solar LED lantern can also be charged with AC power.

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