Backpacking Food Ideas – Fried Tortillas with Toppings

Backpacking Food Ideas – Fried Tortillas with Toppings

Eating oatmeal or cold granola for breakfast every day while you’re backpacking sucks, at least for me. I like a meal that’s hot! Crispy! Adaptable! Simple! Compact and lightweight! Does not have to be kept cold! And of course, produces as few dishes as possible. These criteria cut out a lot of foods, but you know what they don’t cut out? ¡Tortillas! Yes, it’s true, tortillas are a fantastic choice if you’re looking for backpacking food ideas.

fried tortillas  backpacking food ideas


It took a couple of years to conceive of the idea. In those years, we brought bagels, english muffins, or bread. Foolish! Sure, they’re fine if you’re camping out of your car with coolers, totes, and miscellaneous whatnot, but we don’t really do that. We go backpacking, for a week at a time. Space is a concern, and stuff gets squished.

Backpacking Food Ideas – The Tortilla

Enter tortilla. It is versatile. You can stuff it with rice and meat. You can add seasonings to bagged chicken and toss that in there (buffalo chicken wrap, anyone?), and HELLO, fish tacos!

Now let’s switch gears to breakfast backpacking food ideas. The lone tortilla. Eat it cold, or eat it hot. Put stuff on it. May I suggest peanut butter? Nutella? General fixings one would spread on toast? You can heat your tortilla, it’s easy! Grab your camp stove, a pan, a utensil for flipping it, and some oil. I like canola oil, but you can use other kinds. Heat up the oil in the pan and fry your tortilla. The key is to just use a little oil so you can achieve the ultimate goal – crispy brown fry spots on the tortilla. You know what I’m talking about.

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