Backpacking Fare: Wild Raspberries

Backpacking Fare: Wild Raspberries

Wild raspberries (Rubus sp.) are one of the ultimate backpacking foods, because you don’t have to pack them! On the other hand, you aren’t guaranteed to find them either. They happen to be fairly abundant in Minnesota, and can be found in clearings, along edges of woods, and in thickets – i.e; along the edges of trails! Raspberries are a sun-loving plant. It’s quite easy to fill yourself up on raspberries if you happen across a good patch of them.

Raspberries are a prickly shrub that grows to about 1 – 5 feet in height, and are often ripe in early to mid summer. In the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, we find ripe wild raspberries in July every year. ┬áHandle the plants with care, as the bushes can be quite prickly.

Wild raspberries are high in vitamin C, antioxidants, and fiber. When backpacking, they are excellent eaten on their own, added to pancakes, tossed into some edible wild greens such as dandelion leaves, added to some white or red wine (if you happen to backpack with a small cardboard box of wine), or, if you’re feeling extra luxurious, added to s’mores!


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