Backpacking Fare: Tuna Cheese Crackers

Backpacking Fare: Tuna Cheese Crackers

It’s deceptive in its simplicity, a tuna cheese cracker is. After spending days in the woods, one begins to crave meat if you haven’t had it. Heck, you probably crave it even if you have had it (unless, of course, you are a vegetarian…in which case you have my respect). I love meat, and I eat it. Bagged meat, in the wilderness, is a god-send.

Introduce tuna cheese crackers. If you have a little space in your backpack, you too can enjoy this luxury. Here is what you will need:

  • Crackers of your choosing
  • bagged tuna (this exists, and it tastes the same as canned. You can also choose bagged salmon!)
  • Cheese Whiz (or a generic version of this)

And that’s it, friends. These three ingredients, and you are on your way to carb/dairy/meat bliss anywhere in the wilderness. A good backpacking recipe for kids, too!

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