Backpacking Fare: Buffalo Chicken Rice

Backpacking Fare: Buffalo Chicken Rice


This meal is not complex. Backpacking food simply should not be that way. Using as few ingredients as possible is my goal while camping in the wilderness. I call this Buffalo Chicken Rice. Note the chicken! For years my husband and I discussed how wonderful it would be if we could only have chicken in the Boundary Waters. Then while we were walking through the aisles of Target one day, there is was, angelic in its small white package. Valley Fresh 100% Natural White Chicken Cuts. We are in love, us and these small chunks of chicken. They enhance many a meal while we trek through the woods.

Knorr (a brand) conveniently happens to make an inexpensive package of Buffalo Chicken Rice Sides. The perfection of it all! Now, this is the type of backpacking rice to look for; the type that cooks quickly, and only requires the addition of water. Do not make the mistake of buying mixes that require milk or eggs!

Get ready for the ingredient list, because here it comes:

  • Buffalo Chicken Rice  – 1 package
  • Bagged Chicken – 1 bag
  • Salt (trust me, you need a little pinch in there)
  • If you’re like me, hot sauce (because nothing is ever quite spicy enough)
Directions: prepare rice. Add chicken. Heat to comfort level. Add spice.
Then BOOM, you have it! Meaty buffalo chicken rice that can be prepared in the middle of nowhere!
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